Anne Bradstreet

Here is the first chapter of Mistress Bradstreet, a biography of Anne Bradstreet by Charlotte Gordon, to listen to or read. It describes Bradstreet’s arrival in the American colonies. And here are recordings of three of her poems being read, “The Author to Her Book” among them.


This is the course website of ENGL1001: Introduction to Literature in English at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, Winter 2020, taught by Dr. Miriam Jones. I will be using D2L in a limited way, to post grades and class slides; for everything else, there is this website. There is not much posted yet, but here you will soon find the syllabus, schedule, course assignments, and more. Plus, as this is a weblog, it is interactive: you can leave a comment or question after any post, or you can contact me via the contact form. I look forward to getting to know you over the term, and reading and writing together.

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Course text

There is one course text:

The UNBSJ Bookstore should be bringing it in, but they do not always get enough copies so you may want to order it directly yourself to be sure that you have it by the beginning of class: here is the link to order directly from Broadview, with free shipping.

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